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My Professional Story

All that I do stems from my deep belief that we are all profoundly intertwined and reliant upon our shared humanity to thrive.  Our most profound healing [and wounding] happens with other people.  My work is dedicated to personal, interpersonal, and collective well-being and my philosophy is summed up in the tag line on my e-mail: ‘Be kind. Be true. Always.’

In 2016 I did a TEDx talk  where I tried to start a ‘kindness revolution’!  I had big dreams of reaching large audiences, motivating kindness, and changing the world.  (I’m a strong proponent of big dreams — but clearly I fell a bit short of my ambitious goal!). But I haven’t given up.  Themes of respect, presence, honesty, justice, and authentic connection are woven into my teaching, counseling, and mindfulness work. I integrate a little humor and lots of warm presence into deep compassionate inquiry.

Ultimately we all seek to enliven, connect, and commit to our core values and live them fully.  This  is supported by courageous inner work that drops below conditioned habits and into the bones and tissue of our depths.  As we grow, yes we encounter pain and we cry our tears, but the process also has moments of creativity, play, expansiveness, and joy. And it is profound when shared with others.

I love my own journey of discovery, growth, and living with intention. And I love supporting others — you maybe— who are on your own journey to heal and live intentionally.

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